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Design & Set Up Website for Growth

Our mission is to change the way the "Ideal" Body type is viewed in media (Runway, Print, Commercial, and Editorial). We want our services to provide individuals room to develop and build their own brand.

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The Challenge

The ultimate goal with Vitone & Talent was to not only design a beautiful website showcasing its Models & Services, but to allow the owner to scale the website. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to update Models, Services, and the ability to create new pages without the worry of reaching out to us for website updates.

Vitone & Talent Mobile Layout


Neutral Tones. 

The aim was to cut through the noise and make our visual language and messaging clear and concise. We wanted to make sure people looked twice.

Vitone & Talent Branding

Web Design

Interactive and Smooth. 

The client was looking for something slick and interactive. So we went with transitional elements and parallax effects when scrolling.

Vitone & Talent Website home Page

Optimized CMS

Quick and on the GO! 

The goal was to allow my client to conveniently upload new models or content on the go without hassle.

Vitone & Talent CMS Power with Webflow