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0:00 - Compton TG brought Crip Mac and Meechie to his interview. Speaking Swahili in prison

0:58 - Crip Mac met Compton TG’s homie in jail

1:54 - Compton TG explains growing up in Compton, getting kicked out of school, going to jail at 15, robbing

2:49 - Compton TG explains his jail experience

3:20 - Crip Mac smokes weed in moderation. Speaks on the importance of drinking water, especially in jail. Nurse has the best water

5:33 - TG stands for Tiny Gangster.

5:54 - Getting put on the hood at 15 yrs old. Comparing put on experiences.

7:36 - Worst injures from a DP. What qualifies for a DP? What if you sleep with your homie’s girl?

9:21 - Adam hasn’t opened Crip Mac’s CD yet. Compton TG brought merch for Adam

10:30 - Crips wearing blue and other colors