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We played a significant role in building and scaling the company's website. Improving website usability, web performance, and SEO. Developed documentation and manage projects relating to the website, including ideation, design, development, deployment, analytics, budget, and timelines. Work with regional marketing leads, content creators, product marketers, and business leaders in other departments to align website content and programs with cross-functional team needs.

The challenge

The challenge was to improve their current platform user experience and user interface to bring maximum engagement of customers and eCommerce merchants - all while going through a rebrand. Rakuten Super Logistics also wanted to increase their conversion rate above the fold on desktop and mobile from a new design and experience.

Rakuten super Logistics Home Screen

Interactive Campaign Landing Pages

Rakuten Super Logistics wanted to make their campaign landing pages just as exciting as their campaign ideas were. So we helped bring their ideas to life to create a fun experience when on the landing page. Check out some examples from their 'Summer Fling' & 'Pot of Gold' campaigns.

Rebrand Alert

Rakuten Super Logistics rebranded everything across the board. So we took their new messaging and brand guidelines and went to work with creating new landing pages for their Campaigns. Check them out below!

beat your 3pl campaign
fulfillment superstars
flawless or free fulfillment
fulfillment superstars
super logistics home

Lastly, but the
never least..

We made sure to increase the mobile experience with clear and minimal layout. Along with increasing their core web performances for Google.