Make your booking & deposit experience seamless for your client

Give your clients the opportunity to schedule their next appointment when it's convenient for them. Get booked on the Vagaro App,, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram or on your own website made by us! From our experience working with Beauty businesses we came to conclusion how rocky the booking and deposit experience can be solved.


For service professionals in the beauty and industries, the ability to receive deposits for pre-booked services can be key to safeguarding both your time and income. After all, both your daily schedule and daily earnings are dependent on clients showing up for services and classes for which they’ve reserved your time in advance. A no-show or last-minute cancellation leaves an empty time slot on your calendar where you’re not earning any money.

The greatest benefit of requiring client deposits to book appointments, services, and classes is the ability to protect your time and resources. In service industries such as beauty, payment is usually the last step of a transaction, which puts service professionals at a disadvantage. By requiring client deposits to book services  in advance, the time being reserved now has a perceived value—the deposit. Rather than these costs being an out-of-pocket expense that can’t be recouped until the completion of the service, deposit funds can purchase the required materials.

  • Collect deposits at the time of booking for services and classes.
  • Require deposits for bookings that exceed a specified dollar amount.
  • Customize settings for new customers, old customers, outcall, and customers with no shows.
  • Minimize no-shows and late cancellations by requiring a deposit when booking online.

Seamless Booking

Streamline your clients' booking experience with many ways to schedule appointments or classes. Get booked through, the Vagaro app, Yelp, Facebook, or a widget on your own website.


Use your Instagram business page to get you bookings. Setup your Instagram Book Button and watch the appointments roll in.


The largest site for reviews is a great spot to book appointments. Let your glowing reviews do the heavy lifting for you and watch the appointments roll in. After the customer clicks "Book Now" they can choose the service they want right in Yelp.


Your clients can easily book right from your business' Facebook page. Clients can view services, pricing, and business information synced from your Vagaro account.

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