BLURRD's Discord

Get access to an exclusive channel with individuals who thrive to succeed, while having a library of 25+ videos created to teach you everything we know here at BLURRD studio.

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Join Like Minded Individuals

BLURRD'S Discord is community focused on helping all of our members making their dream income and living the life that you always wanted. In the Discord, Milton and other experts will be posting new opportunities & plays.

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Get Access to a Library of Videos

Not only will you have the community to teach you new things, but we will give you access to a library of videos that explain everything you need to know to thrive in the crypto, defi, or NFT space.


How to make a Discord account?

You can make a Discord account for free by going to Discord. After creating your account you can login to sign up for the BLURRD Discord.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at anytime before your subscription renews.

Are there refunds?

There are absolutely no refunds. This is a digital community once you join you are given access to everything that the community has to offer.

Can I ask any questions?

Yes, you can ask any question, but remember it is a public community. Others in the community can see your questions. The community is a safe space.

Will conversations be discussed outside of the community?

No, BLURRD Discord is a safe space and all of the information within the community stays in the community. If you leak information you will be permanently banned.

Will I get 1 on 1 attention?

No, this is a group message type of community. If you want 1 on 1 attention you can join our coaching program, coming soon.

Will BLURRD studio provide specific investment advice?

No, Milton & experts do not provide specific investment advice. He will provide insight on what he is seeing in the market, ideas he has about possible opportunities.